Thanks for your interest in our smart garden project. We want people to be as safe as possible. This is a potentially dangerous project because it deals with electricity. So, we want everyone to know that this is a pro DIY project that requires a working knowledge of electricity and electrical systems. Failure to properly understand or properly implement electrical systems can result in serious injury or even death.

To be safe:

– All work should be double checked with the design.
– All work should be double checked by a qualified electrical technician.
– All work should be double checked with your personal knowledge of safety within electrical systems.
– Do not attempt any modifications or sections of this project that you are not completely familiar with and comfortable with.
– Never cut corners or neglect implementation safety with electrical systems or electrical equipment.

Outerbabylon assumes no responsibility for injuries as this is a work in progress and we recommend this project to pro-DIY individuals and people with the proper electrical training.

Thanks for looking into our project again, thanks for your input, and keep it safe DIYers!

– Samuel Bagot

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