Hey Kickstarter Community!

Hey Kickstarter Community!

All the pieces are fitting together nicely, just not in the order we’d assumed and hoped. Our Hardware production is moving much faster than out Media production (as media is neither of our specialties), so our Hardware pledges that were set to go out in November will actually be ready to go out by September. However, our Media pledges, Construction Cards & DVDs, that were set for distribution in September actually won’t be available until November. Of course we apologize whole-heartedly for this. We have completed the entire filming process and are well into the production phase of the DVD. Thad Getterman, of Broken Sidewalk Farm, will be producing the DVD. Here is a link to a recent trailer and update video he produced for both the Kickstarter Community, as well as for an interview we had with Le Monda, France’s Newspaper of Record. We were honored by the coverage, and hope you find interest in it as well. Again, we apologize for the switch in pledge delivery months, and hope everyone understands, because like we said, all the pieces are coming together very nicely, and we are certain you will be pleased, even with the wait.

Thanks Again for All Your Support!!!

Outer Babylon
Sam Bagot
Will Bratton


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